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Leveraging The Power Of Collective Fundraising To Impact Our Community.

Directing funds to underrepresented charities that serve the black community and showcasing the success of black professionals.
Who we are

Community, Brotherhood, Family and Unified Action.

Providing our brothers with an opportunity to rally together around the causes that are most important to us and our families. Our efforts amplify the voices and the impact of the leaders in our community through the use of mentoring, coaching, and sponsorships. 

Collective Giving

Quarterly events focused on donating to charitable organizations

Building Relationships

Curating opportunities for networking and developing future leaders

Highlighting Success

Initiatives that showcase the existing talent within our community

Through our quarterly fundraiser, Brothers Who Care has raised over $18,000 for the following Black charities:

Why We Exist

“Philanthropy is commendable, but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic injustice which make philanthropy necessary.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

A recent report shared by the CBC indicated that for every $100 of charitable funds that are raised in Canada, only $0.07 make it to the black community. This is both sad and disheartening. What it says is that people are giving of their money, but they’re not necessarily choosing how their money makes an impact.

Collective Philanthropy

The Four Pillars of BWC

Real-life and heartfelt stories, placed under a spotlight for the purpose of edifying our black youth and building up our black role models.

Mental Health

Curated conversations with carefully selected individuals that promote mental health and well-being throughout the black community.

Financial Literacy

Learning, sharing, and engaging young people, parents, and professionals through compelling storytelling and positive imagery.


Building up students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning and persist in problem-solving.


The “I AM” campaign showcases positive images and stories of black men achieving personal and professional success.

Recent Blogs

Thoughts From BWC

Let these posts inspire, encourage, and build you up in your philanthropic journey.

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