LEGUP Secure Our Wealth

Success with money isn’t about knowledge, IQ, or how good you are at math. It’s about behaviour.

"People are searching for their purpose and want to build individual, family, and business legacies beyond financial success."

- David Griffiths, Founder of Brothers Who Care

How do we Secure our Wealth?

LEGUP is part of the Brothers Who Care Secure Our Wealth (SOW) project. We will begin to secure wealth in the BIPOC community by placing a higher focus on the psychology of money and methods to better utilize and grow it. As a community, we need to feel confident about meeting our financial goals and creating generational wealth.

We will be targeting young people 18-29 years old, as well as early and mid-stage professionals and entrepreneurs. The “LEG UP” framework will break down the information, income wealth & racial wealth gaps in the financial system.

Influencers Will:

Learn Money:

Foundational knowledge on currency and the role it plays in society

Earn Money:

Aspects of a pay cheque, multiple income streams, basic budgeting tips

Grow Money:

Invest in real estate, pool funds and businesses, stocks, bonds and mutual funds

Utilize Money:

Understand how money works, along with spending and advanced money management tips

Perceive Money:

The psychology of money, stigma around debt, and using it to build wealth

Our view of money is formed in different worlds, and when that is the case, a view about money that one group of people thinks is outrageous can make perfect sense to another. It is why the Secure our Wealth Project has three programs that explore frameworks for creating financial safety and well being.

LEGUP Mastermind Group

The LEG-UP project is anchored by a MasterMind group of professionals (18-29 years old), who will act as influencers to help redefine what it means to secure wealth in BIPOC communities.

The LEG-UP Mastermind Group is a peer-to-peer growth community that helps members secure a stronger financial future. Members pour into and receive advice from each other and act as a funnel to pass on knowledge to the larger community.

project examples

LEGUP Community Hub

The LEG-UP Community HUB comprises 500 BIPOC professionals, 18-29 years old, who are inspired by the LEG-UP MasterMind Group to take charge of their: personal, professional and financial future.

We polled young people to get a sense of the potential needs of young entrepreneurs: How do you attract them? What does success look like?

Annual Symposium

Secure Our Wealth LEGUP Symposium

LEG-UP symposium is a gathering of dreamers, builders, and trailblazers that are disrupting the wealth creation process. This yearly, one-day symposium will empower BIPOC professionals to take on big financial challenges with bold actions.


The financial ecosystem is on the cusp of a new era. Professionals & Entrepreneurs will participate in building a more sustainable society, which will allow them to feel confident that they can meet their financial goals in a changing and ever-evolving digital world.


Participants will have the opportunity to connect with business leaders, and peers who are breaking barriers and building bonds. They will get a chance to hear from an inspiring lineup of speakers who will help them become more financially empowered, live better and healthier lives and become more active participants in economic decisions.


The pace of innovation moves at the speed of light, and the future belongs to the disruptors. Participants will join in discussions about: careers, skills, tools, business and trends that are shaping financial goals in our world.

Sponsored By

It does not happen until sponsors make it happen. Our vision was a mere dream until our sponsors breathed life into it with their support. Starlight Capital, TD Bank Financial group, LifeWorks, Bridge2WellBeing, YSpace, Black Entrepreneurship Alliance, YAACE, Longos, and Marriot CF Toronto Eaton Centre; we cannot thank you enough for playing such a significant role in the development of the LEGUP Wealth Project.

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